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We developed this site in an effort to provide information about technology for students with visual impairments. We are both teachers of the visually impaired, working as technology consultants in the state of Texas.
We feel it is crucial to provide training and support to teachers and parents because:
Technology keeps changing and it's hard to keep up
Many of us are not comfortable with computers and technology
Many of us are not well informed about the use of technology in general education
We are concerned because:
Our VI kids often do not have equal access to technology
Availability of instruction in technology is often inadequate
TEKS in technology are not being met by many VI students
Assistive tech that helps our students benefit from their educational experience is viewed as providing the "Cadillac": going above and beyond what is required for special education services

Spend some time reading about technology for VI kids who are academic learners and braille readers,those with low vision, and those who have additional disabilities. Read about us, follow our links, work along with our tutorials, and read about how to improve educational services for students with visual impairments using technology both low tech and high tech.